The Future is Virtual – 4 Ways Virtual Offices Appeal to Start-ups in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is more than one of the premier cities in the Asia-Pacific market. Since colonial times, it has reinvented itself and emerged as a leader in world finance. One of the reasons that it is so attractive for business is that the economy continues to find new and innovative ideas that fuel industry.

The province is also one of the freest in the world, offering businesses numerous incentives to do business. While corporations make an imposing presence in the city, the little guy has as much chance to establish himself in a field among giants as large corporations. The start-up, more specifically, can find traction in the province, and much of the case, it is through the virtual office.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which the virtual office appeals to start-ups.

Impressive Locations

One of the central reasons that the virtual office appeals to the start-up is because many times the addresses of the offices are in some impressive locations. Servcorp, for one, has three offices in Hong Kong, each one in a prestigious location. With two offices off Finance Street and one in the Kowloon area, a business is sure to benefit from the resources and people that comprise the building. Take a look at the Servcorp locations at to see their different locations.

As you can see these offices are top-notch, corporate offices retrofitted with the latest technology. A start-up with the desire to make an impression on the community can do so with an address and dedicated phone number in any of these locations. Furthermore, this location places offices in the centre of business where traffic and other attractions are a source of business.

Access To China

The start-up is attracted to the virtual office because of its ability to give it space that can make access to China easy. China, considered a lucrative market, is more accessible through Hong Kong, which is seen as its gateway. For example, Shenzhen is purportedly becoming a digital hub similar to Silicon Valley, and for technology start-ups, this location through the virtual office that can make doing business in the area possible and more convenient. From your office in Hong Kong, you can manage your affairs in Shenzhen. Ultimately, the virtual office presents businesses with the chance to communicate and move around with ease without the hassle of relocating to a new location.


Another plus for the start-up is that the virtual office can easily transition a fledgeling business into larger office space, or alternatively, your business can grow in the online platform simply by maintaining or adding onto your existing company website. The virtual office is probably the easiest way to relocate, especially if your business is with a serviced office provider because all it takes is for your office lease to be modified. Furthermore, with a serviced office provider, the costs of moving into another space is less than with traditional leasing.


The appeal to the public is another reason why start-ups go with the virtual office. The right address coupled with the corporate finish makes a great impression on clients and other business interests. Furthermore, the virtual office can give your business the appearance of professionalism that is difficult to replicate in a home office.

Professional Appeal

The virtual office is attractive to business of all types for many reasons. For the start-up, it can give your business access to areas that would be off limits because of finances. More importantly, it allows your business to put its best face forward in a place where competition is tough and impressions do matter.

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